Clean Tanks


Work for a Cause. Build a Strong Future

Realizing the need to make this unique service available across the country, Clean Tanks is promoted as a business opportunity through franchising. Apart from creating strong entrepreneurs, Clean Tanks has also provided a means for employment for thousands of people across the country through its widespread franchisee network, apart from fulfilling its social obligation towards society.

Minimum Experience & Qualifications

The prospective franchisee should preferably have prior experience in service or housekeeping industry with a focus on hygiene and cleanliness. At least one person in a team of four should have minimum technical qualifications of trade apprenticeship preferably electrical.

Minimum Financial Qualifications

The setup cost ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 lacs depending upon the category one chooses. Also, he should be able to invest in a vehicle, laptop, DVD player and office set up cost. The royalty fees are Rs. 2000 per month flat for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. The Company brings out special offers for payment of royalty fees in advance with considerable savings.

Initial Setup includes

  • Quick Start Training Program
  • Marketing Kit
  • Video Demonstration Film
  • Proprietary equipment & tools
  • Customized Presentation
  • Assistance in Printing materials, stationery, and business cards
  • Advertising & Marketing support
  • Personalized Clean Tanks email address

  • Site Evaluation to survey.

  • Unit Marketing

  • Recruitment of staffs

  • Standard operating procedure

  • Periodical training of technical staff

  • Program for the sales and service staffs


  • Verify the location for ROI and assistance office setup.

  • Training at our support center.

  • No direct competition from the assigned area.

  • Ongoing business, technical and marketing support.

  • The opportunity to expand and grow.


  • Complete training of staffs and technical supports.

  • Entire equipment’s kit and onsite training.

  • Regular support and executive visits.

  • Technical accounts and marketing support at the end of the phone.


  • Cleaning of the water tank by the scientific and mechanized method.

  • Disinfection of tank by using antibacterial spray.

  • Advice and assistance contact for cleaning.

  • Annual maintenance of water storage tanks.


  • Tank cleaning is one of the fastest-growing industry today.

  • It’s a recession-proof business.

  • Profit margin up to 35%.

  • Perfectly suitable for small scale operation.

  • Low start-up cost and high return investment.

  • Special skill not required.

  • Low competition in the market.


  • Time-saving without compromising on quality.

  • Saving water and environment values.

  • Cleaning of water storage tank four times in a year.